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Good and Easy Exceptionally nutritious
                                               Affordable and

               Wholesome recipes for a lifetime of good eating


Enjoy 70 family-pleasing recipes

made exclusively with whole, plant-based natural foods.

– all wheat-free – soy-free – yeast-free – gluten-free – dairy-free – egg-free recipes!





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  • 1 hour podcast of Kim’s Introduction to Wholesome Eating class
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A personal note from Kim:

I found that the transition to a vegetarian diet could be so intimidating and discouraging (give me a break!- how many people want to attempt “Tri-color Asparagus with Braised Caper Sauce”) that I decided to compile a cookbook that included simple, family-pleasing recipes plus lots of practical information and tips to make the transition to whole, natural foods a whole lot simpler, and even enjoyable!  Out of that desire emerged my first cookbook Everyday Wholesome Eating and over the next 10 years four more cookbooks followed.

In creating this ebook I have collected the best-of-the-best from each of these books plus added many more recipes that have become tried-and-true staples in our home and in the homes of thousands of other families who have found that healthy eating can be simple, affordable and tasty!

If you’d like to get a glimpse of our personal story and see some of our BEFORE and AFTER photos, click here!

You can also read how my husband was about the pickiest eater imagineable and I didn’t like cooking when we began our transition to whole foods a little over twelve years ago.

Read what others have to say about Good and Easy Eats

The following are excerpts of more lengthy reviews that you can find in the REVIEWS section of this site.  Click here to read more!

All I have to say is… WOW!  Besides the super simple, wholesome, frugal and allergy-friendly recipes, it is an amazing resource (regardless of your current diet). For once, I can make a meal or snack that the ENTIRE family can eat (and enjoy).

Jana of Write On, Jana

I am LOVING Good and Easy Eats! Just wanted you to know you have an incredible resource here. I’ve never seen such an allergy friendly cook book that was so practically helpful with very easy to find ingredients.  . . . I’ve looked for years to find a resource this helpful. Seriously, it’s gold.

Lindsey of Frugal Food Allergies

Kim’s recipes are everything I love about cooking. . .   Good and Easy Eats is the perfect introduction to healthy eating for those looking to change their diet for the better.

Dawn of Serendipitous Secrets

In all honesty, this could be THE ONLY cookbook you need- you can get rid of the rest!

Laurie of Christian Home Business Connection

Kim has not only captured the essence of “easy” but conquered the challenge of “good”!

From Elena of Whole Living Solutions

Good and Easy Eats would be a goldmine to a new cook.

Nancy of Real Food Allergy-Free

Not only were the recipes intentionally kept simple for easier preparation, they are packed with nutritional value and flavor, and will certainly satisfy every member of the family, on a special diet or not.

Paula of Celiac Corner

It will give you ideas for weeks of healthy wholesome foods for less than what you would spend on just your own dinner tonight.

From Kathi of Diabetic Happy Recipes

A collection of simple, family pleasing recipes that are actually good for you.

Venessa of Good Real Food

I love Kim’s simple approach. . . I feel so confident that I can handle it.

From Lea of Nourishing Treasures

I would recommend this e-cookbook to anyone who is looking for a quick and easy way of providing a little more healthy alternative to processed foods.

From Karen of A Servant’s Memories

It is a one stop shopping experience for some of the best and most well-trusted information you can find anywhere to help you navigate your way through a special diet for any member of your family.

Kathi of Allergies and Alternative Medicine

You’re going to love this one :) . . .  Every recipe is free of gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, wheat AND yeast (not “or”).

Lisa of Allergen-Free Vintage Cookery

What a WEALTH of information and wonderful recipes!!!  $4.99 is a STEAL for the amount of recipes and resources you get in this e-book!  Thank you Kim!!!!  You have definitely made eating healthy actually POSSIBLE in our family for once.  I never thought “fast, easy, cheap, AND healthy” were all possible UNTIL I found Kim Wilson!

Carissa M.

You will find this book to be a great reference for how-to basics for a collection of simple family pleasing recipes . . .

From Mary of Gluten-free Spinner

This fantastic e-book is a cookbook for anyone- not just GFCF (gluten-free, casein-free) families.

From Martianne of Training Happy Hearts

. . . it will be the only “go to” cookbook you will need in your recipe collection for a long, long time. . .   This book isn’t fancy foods, funny foods or stuff we’ve never heard of. It’s just the plain old simple stuff real people eat every day.

Good common sense, every-day people kind of advice that applies to everyone.

Kathi of Allergy-Free and Sugar-Free Snacks


Check out what others have said about Kim’s other books and recipes:

“Thank you for making meals so much easier to prepare and healthier to eat in our home.

Martianne S., Training Happy Hearts blog   Massachussetts

“Every time I am looking for a great healthy recipe, I can look no further than to a Kim Wilson book. If I want vegan gravy, there it is in Kim’s Everyday Wholesome Eating. If I want a perfect raw soup, crack open Kim’s Everyday Wholesome Eating in the Raw. I have purchased shelves full of cookbooks. Most of them pale in comparisons to Kim’s books. I also do not have to seek our weird ingredients. Everyone in the world should invest in Kim’s books!”

Melody H., Educator   North Carolina   

“I am very grateful for Kim’s recipe books.  For someone like me who has quite a few restrictions on what I can eat, the tendency is that I get into a monotonous cycle of just a few boring recipes.  Kim’s recipes have lots of variations within the bounds of healthy eating, and I use it to bring inspiration and variety to what my family eats. Thank you for bringing some fun and pizza (yaaay!) back into our family!”

Ayako K., Artist, teacher, translator       Japan

“I can’t say enough good things about Kim’s cookbooks.  She is responsible for my children eating more vegetables and soups.  Her black bean soup, stone soup, lentil soup and chili are all favorites at our house.  We recently relocated and Kim’s cookbooks were the only ones that made the move.

Little did I know when I was first given a copy of one of Kim’s cookbooks 6 years ago, how important they would become in our daily lives.  A friend loaned me her copy of Kim’s Everyday Wholesome Eating cookbooks thinking I would like some of her recipes.  Just this last fall three of my children were diagnosed with pretty significant food allergies.  Kim’s recipes gave us plenty of tasty, nutritious options for them.  Even desserts that eliminate all of their allergens and still taste great!

Dawn B., Homeschool mom of 4 with extensive allergies   Florida

“Kim’s cookbooks have been a true blessing to me and my family as we have transitioned to gluten-free and more natural, healthy eating.  I use one or more of her recipes almost daily now!  And the kids like it too!

Martha, Celiac disease    Vermont

“For the last 7 years I have been making recipes from 4 books that have changed our lives . What an amazing blessing to find Kim Wilson and Simply Natural Health. I have been a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister and have had a teaching ministry since 1999 so we have a lot of vegan recipe books and until 2004 when Kim’s first books came out we were always searching for those “perfect recipes” that would

  • be amazingly delicious
  • easy to prepare
  • affordable ingredients and of course be
  • vegan and gluten-free 

Kim has done all these things and more.

I have sold more of her books and highly recommend them all to anyone I meet that is looking for” Great Wholesome Eating “. I am especially excited about her newest book “Everyday Gluten Free” Finally we have recipes for everyone at any level of interest…Everyone should be eating this way whether they believe they are gluten for not. The chocolate chip cookies are our favorite!!  Our grown children make the recipes all the time and the grandchildren too-everyone just loves them and always want to try out new ones!! Thanks Kim for all your hard work!

Lori J., Health Food Store Assistant Manager    Florida

“I just wanted to write you a note about your beautiful recipe books.  I have a health business here in Australia and have found your Everyday Wholesome Eating in the Raw is my #1 Best Seller.  It is just so well written, put together and easy to use. My clients just love it.  I appreciate how you continue to learn and share our knowledge as well.  Your new book Everyday Gluten-Free is fantastic as it is becoming necessary to many people to stay away from gluten.  These books have helped so many of my clients (as well as myself) in working toward a lifestyle that is full of health and wellness.  They are easy to use and so many find the recipes great for family. Also, many of my clients say they are great to use for their children as they learn to cook!!!

Thanks again for your beautiful work, wisdom and contribution to the world of health and wellness.”

Marilyn S.      Melbourne, Australia

“I have purchased ALL of Kim’s books.  They are simply delicious recipes that are well thought out, economical, and easy to prepare. My husband and I are 24/7 care givers to our son who has a Traumatic Brain Injury, and Kim’s books have been instrumental in helping us keep him healthy. I have purchased many books on raw and healthy eating, but Kim’s are the ones I recommend to others.

Vicky S.     California